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The 4S Sweets & Nuts was established in England in the year 2012. After 3 years of successful operation the company decided to extend its operations to also include The Gambia West Africa . It chose little Gambia to start what would soon become the biggest agro-African consortium. The 4S Sweets & Nuts is therefore the offspring of the 4S Sweets though it claims to adopt a more versatile corporate program. The main aim of this new company is to curtail the vast unutilized natural and agricultural resources that are common in Sub-Saharan Africa. The amount of agricultural products like mangoes and other fruits and vegetables that are perished on daily basis due to lack of proper storage facilities, slow processing and a lack of demand from both the domestic and international consumers has now reached giant proportions. The amount of exotic fruits and nuts that abound in the Gambia are too many to be catalogued in this preamble. If the smallest country in mainland Africa is endowed with so much untapped resources what will the rest of Africa have?  We intend to promote not only domestic products from the Gambia but products from other ECOWAS states as well. Cocoa, coffee beans, yam etc etc. maybe exported from other West African ports as the exigencies of the situation requires. The Gambia will therefore, remain the base of 4S Sweets & Nuts but will play an active role in the export of products from neighbouring countries via our 4S ECOWAS management program designed to harmonize the west African commodity market.

There are many reasons why the Gambia was chosen as the trade gateway for 4S Sweets & Nuts to proliferate the ECOWAS prospects as a one package program. While the country is stable and secured, it also boasts of a very friendly and hospitable populace, and is one of the few countries that boast of a heterogeneous culture, religion and ethnicity tolerance. The Gambia’s geophysical advantages cannot be overemphasized at this point. Suffice is to mention the fact that it is the first English speaking port in closer proximity to both Europe and America with the most navigable inland river in the sub-region. The Atlantic Ocean opens up into its mouth and flows through it for almost 400 nautical miles where it is overtaken by the free fall of the Futa Jallon heights. Indeed the river of the Gambia from where the country derives its name is one of the most unique feats that should be ranked as one of the wonders of the ancient and modern world. Our company wishes to employ this special river to curtail inland freight costs. By making use of barges we can bring groundnuts, cashew nuts, and mangoes to the port of Banjul for lesser costs, hence homogenizing a standard price between producers from the Lower River Regions and those from the Upper regions. This is one of the main goals of the company i.e. reducing poverty and increasing capacity of indigenous producers across the continent of Africa with a very fair play modus operandi.

The Gambia is a democratic country that applies the rule of law better than most neighbouring countries in the region. Investments are safe and most Western Banks like Standard Chartered have exploited this opportunity and remain in the country for almost 100 years now. The reliability and openness of Government Institutions and their constant support to the private sector have been unparallel in West Africa. This present Government in particular have decided to entertain FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) into the country without any constraints or conditions. Furthermore, they have gone to the extent of creating an Export Promotion Department like GIEPA who has mastered a One Stop Shop in the establishment of business in this country without any discrimination. The Government also exonerates any company from taxes for the first five years if they established themselves in Manufacturing, Packaging and Processing. This is one of the main reasons why 4S decided to start operations by processing and packaging raw cashew nuts for export and local consumption. With our partnership with farmers, we would help them increase output both quantitatively while retaining the organic quality and pest free standards. We fervently believe that we cannot trade well in a commodity only if we have total control over production methods. It is for this reason that we are proud to remain an organic product market at all times.

Presently we are trading in raw cashew nuts and groundnut kernels although the processing of cashew kernels has also begun to gain greater attention from the 4S Market Intelligence Unit. Already the trial run for cashew processing in the Gambia proves worthy and promising. Production may therefore increase in tandem with international and local demands especially during the lull period in the trade. Cashew oil, peanut butter, and groundnut oil to name but a few would also be added soon to our production list. As soon as the intended Packaging, Labelling and Codification plants have been commissioned the overall increase in production is expected to increase threefold. And would also help bridge the gap between the low income earners in the farming communities to those of the upper middle class in the peri-urban areas. The capacity of our Brikama producers is still too small in comparison to the present demand. Two new machines are however on their way to address this shortfall in production. Greater volumes would soon be produced cheaper and faster and the USA market would soon join the EU market demand not only because of the good quality, but also the hygiene standards employed as a precautionary measure in production.

The company was brought into the Gambia by a British and his Gambian counterpart. Although newly established it claims experience because of hardcore team of experts with decades of experience in transport and trading. The structure of the company is as follows;

·      President

·      Chairman of the Board of Directors

·      Board members

·      Company Directors

·      Project and field coordinators

·      General staff

Wherever suitable the management team spearheads the Research, Planning and Development programs and offloads the responsibility for security to other private firms. Auditing, Insurance and even Cleansing Services are also contracted to other reputable firms. Sales and Marketing although under operations is overlooked directly by the Company President and his top Management Committee. The main aim is to take the lead in the transformation of production levels and make the 4S label a household name in the distribution and consumption of fruits, sweets and nuts.

The service and product range of the company is as follows;



*    Commodity Brokerage

*    Freight Brokerage

*    Ad Hoc  Charters (And Charter Brokerage)

*    Customs Brokerage

*    Transit Trade

*    Warehousing

*    Business Management

*    Business Consultancy

*    Packaging, Labelling and Codification 


a)     EXPORT                                                                    


*    Cashew nuts

*    Groundnuts

*    Tiger nuts

*    Sesame seeds

*    Arabic gum

*    Ginger

*    Honey

*    Mangoes

*    Cotton wool

*    Cotton seeds

*    Cocoa

*    Coffee

*    Other miscellaneous Agro Products


b)    IMPORT


*    Rice

*    Sugar

*    Cement

*    Fertilizer

*    Dairy products

*    Sweets

*    Machinery

*    Complete Turn-key plants

*    Automobile

*    Trucks

*    Barges

*    Tug-boats

*    Electronic goods

*    Other engineering and sundry items (NES)

Research, Planning and Organization is sustained by an overwhelming support from the President of the Company Mr Abdoulie Bittaye. He was in Banjul at a time when the capital of the Gambia was still Bathurst. He grew up in Greater Banjul although he went to further his education in England at a later stage. It was there that he met his British partner IDRIS SALAH. Together they pioneered a “Sweets Conglomerate” whence they saw the need to expand to Africa. The potential of the 4S Group makes the irrelevance of numbers in a successful business very plain. Here the motto is “MANY IN CHARGE and few in numbers.” A small company in a small country wants to revolutionize the entire pattern of Production and Consumption in Africa.

Prima-facae we believe in the clarion call of the Gambian President to go back to the land. It is only through hard work and intelligent applications that we can avoid the pitfalls of Agricultural mechanization and modernization from the base studies of failed Agrarian Reform Program in Africa, we believe we can take the necessary precautions to avoid the negative impact that modernization has on indigenous small scaled farmers. For a more pragmatic and dynamic change to become more effective we have focused. 



4S Sweets Leicester uk is a local family run business in Leicester England who currently specialise in the supply and sales of sweets and Nuts and now in the supply of RAW CASHEW NUTS and CASHEW KERNALS. We aim to offer high quality premium produts.

Here at 4S Sweets we are committed to provide all our customers with the highest levels of service and products by offering an exclusive range of high quality produtcs. 

Here at 4S Sweets Leicester we currently work closely within the local community and surrounding area where we now have many local shops within the area who are stockists of many of our products. We also work closely with a few larger companies within England UK and The Gambia West Africa who provide our stock.


All our products are very carefully chosen and rigoursly researched as we aim to provide clear vegetarian or halal products.


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4S Sweets & Nuts Ltd  - Quality Confectionery and commodities .Take A Look At Our Wide Range Of Retro & Old Fashioned Sweets. We also now provide Raw Cashew Nuts, Cashew Kernels and various types of rice for all customers worldwide. 

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