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12’ Wicker Hamper Basket with Blk Straps

12" Wicker Hamper Basket with Blk Straps
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Hamper Size
12” x 7” x 4”


12” Wicker Hamper Basket

12” Wicker Hamper, the baby of the range - small but beautifully formed.

Ideal for confectionery, jars, soaps and other cosmetics, it comes with faux leather handle, hinges and straps.

The 12” empty wicker hamper is made from top quality autumn willow that we avoid spraying with any nasty stains and varnishes.

To achieve its premium darker colour, the wicker is boiled for several hours until it reaches its natural matt finish.

The great thing about this process is that essentially each empty wicker hamper is unique.

Internal Dimensions: 275 x 150 x 70mm

External Dimensions: 300x 180 x 100mm

500g weight


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